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Top 10 Social Media Apps of 2017

Have ever had that moment when you can’t find the right screwdriver to unscrew that annoying little screw? You try repeatedly with the wrong size screw driver hoping it works; you even try using different tools like a knife. But eventually, only the right tool will unscrew it. Until then, you can keep trying but you will never reach the result you expect. The case here can be applied to social media managers as well. Without the right tools, any type of campaigning or advertising might go to waste, taking your time and effort along with it. The right tools in question here are the right selection of social media apps that can truly ease your social media management experience.

Listed below are our picks for the Top 10 Social Media Apps you should have in your arsenal for 2017;
1. Pyrus
The Pyrus application is a group oriented instrument for continuous messaging, splitting errands, and endorsement avenues. It keeps you refreshed on your group’s assignments and completions with an inbuilt search feature. The Pyrus application takes into account coordinated effort with chat services and fast document sharing. In case you’re in a hurry and without access to the internet, Pyrus is able to function offline. This creates an unbiased ease for social media managers.

2. Bear
Bear is a fresh and stylishly satisfying writing and note-taking application that will likewise help keep you sorted out. Your notes and other content can be grouped through a hashtag for ease in finding them later on. Bear’s Advanced Markup Editor considers clear altering and sharing alternatives so you can work with multiple groups simultaneously.

3. Pocket Casts
Podcasts are a great source of entertainment, both on the go and at work or home. They are a proven method of research for social media managers. The application has been known as the best podcast application for both iPhones and Android gadgets. The Pocket Cast’s database incorporates any podcast you would ever need, with more than 300,000 extraordinary shows. These are sorted by featured, trending, and most popular, so you can undoubtedly discover something new. With cutting edge playback highlights, you can cut silence and add volume to help lessen background disturbances. Different components like instinctive queuing and synchronizing alternatives make Pocket Cast an absolute necessity.

4. Hootsuite Enhance
Is your smartphone cluttered with an app for every small function you need? Then this app is for you! Hootsuite Enhance gives you a chance to source stock pictures from a complete library, alter these pictures without loss in quality, and share the pictures to your online networks.

5. DuoBook
Most people love to get in a good read and social media managers are huge culprits of this. But carrying around multiple books and remembering the time stamp on your audio book is tiresome and frankly, unnecessary. Unnecessary because DuoBook is here for you! DuoBook lets you instantly switch between an eBook and an audiobook making reading a hassle-free activity again!

6. Headspace
Social media is always alive and happening. The pressure to be constantly updated is mighty; and social media managers know this first hand. Spending hours on end looking at social media is close to impossible and unhealthy furthermore. Headspace makes sure you stay alive and well in reality as well as Social Media by regulating the hours you stay online.

7. Boxer Pro
This revolutionary new email, date-book, and contact management app helps you handle your inbox more productively. Social Media managers in the midst of a busy day can exploit features like “Quick Replies” to set and send canned replies. The “Email Like” component will spare you much additional time, enabling you to rapidly recognize a sender’s message when it doesn’t require a more detailed reaction. With adaptable elements like the feauture to indicate your swipe motions (to finish actions, for example, erase, document, spam, and so on.), Boxer Pro separates itself from the email customer swarm.

8. Into
Influencer Marketing is all the rage these days and finding your brand an influencer will stretch your audience to broader horizons. But finding these influencers isn’t easy. That’s where Into makes your job a lot easier. Into connects you with popular influencers in the forms of bloggers, celebrities, industry leaders and so on. Influencers searching for a campaign deal can also make themselves available on the app.

9. DayCap
Churning out solid gold content everyday isn’t easy and most social media managers struggle over this. To keep your Social media platforms active and running, DayCap has come up with an innovative solution. DayCap creates a GIF of all the pictures you’ve taken in a single day, effectively compressing them into a neat little presentation. Posting these GIFs online can increase audience engagement by tapping into people’s need for visuals.

10. Confide
Social Media managers make multiple deals everyday and some of these may be hosted over an online chat service; which is not very secure as it is. Confide groups all your chat services and provides top notch security protection for all, including screen shot protection. Some of its features include disappearing messages, sender anonymity and messages sent in sections ensuring protection against third party photographing.Do you think your brand would benefit from some social media marketing and optimization? If yes, we are the people for the job! Check out our services at #Social and contact our team for all your needs social.



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