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Pin it! Here’s Why Your Brand Needs Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. With well over 10 million visitors, it is definitely in the major leagues. There are many misconceptions about the user base of Pinterest, with labels like “hipster” or “wedding planner” going around more than once. But we are here to tell you that Pinterest is much more than that and investing some time and effort into Pinterest can actually benefit your brand in the long run.

Pinterest is incredibly simple to use and run; it almost makes social media marketing and audience engagement a breeze! Pinterest is a unique and different platform for social media marketing; and here’s why.

Here are 6 persuasive reasons to use Pinterest in your brand marketing campaigns!

  1. Browsing to Buying
    In contrast to other social media platforms, Pinterest lessens the steps from browsing to purchase. This implies that users from Pinterest change over into leads or deals quicker than from other social networking sources. Let’s study the same procedure on Twitter. In the event that a client sees a tweet with respect to an item, it’s more improbable that a client will purchase that item from only one tweet.
    Pinterest provides a seemingly easier path to the purchase of an item from the brand’s Pinterest page than other media sites. The potential client could just click on the image of the product he prefers and within a few seconds, could be on an ecommerce site.
  2. Bring in the Traffic
    In case you depend on your site to fuel your deals and advertising, you should produce activity, keeping in mind the end goal to expand leads or deals. Pinterest is an extraordinary device for expanding links back to your site, subsequently driving more traffic. Truth be told, early research demonstrates that Pinterest is more viable at controlling activity back to a site contrasted with other online networking sites, even Facebook.
  3. Increase your Inbound Links
    Social media marketers love inbound links; this means that people are viewing your content and are willing to share it on their own social media platforms. What’s great about Pinterest is that each pin incorporates a link, driving back to the origin of the picture. Links worked through pictures are a portion of the best connections you can get with regards to real engagement. Around 95% of the pictures on Pinterest are pinned or re-pinned from various corners of the internet. With Pinterest’s developing prominence, this could give you extremely profitable inbound links. While these are nofollow links, any connection coordinating guests back to your site is constantly advantageous.
  4. Pinterest is Addictive
    Pinterest users regularly admit to being constantly glued on this site; which means that user engagement is at an all-time high!
    Different from regular social media sites, where the incentive is to get followers, Pinterest clients appear to be happy to just discover stuff and offer it to their social groups. Pinterest clients are acutely intrigued by what’s hot and what’s cool; a conduct that makes an interpretation into the sort of influencer advertisers you want to draw in. This is a decent sign for organizations and retailers, since it implies your pins will probably be seen, or even better, turn into a web sensation. The primary explanation behind such high engagement is that it’s so natural to process data on Pinterest only on the grounds that it’s visual. Checking huge amounts of pictures is less demanding and much more pleasant than filtering several tweets.
  5. Pinterest Integrates
    Pinterest has heard your cry for connectivity and is here to the rescue. The site now associates with Facebook allowing clients to naturally present new pins on their Facebook news feeds for others to see. This implies more eyes from different channels access the pictures you post to Pinterest. That being stated, for advertisers, at this moment Pinterest just associates with Facebook profiles, not business pages, so there is no chance to get for advertisers to consequently share their pins to their Facebook pages. Keeping in mind the end goal to do as such, advertisers should physically share the connection to the pin on their business page. In addition, marketers can now incorporate a Pin It button onto their blogs or websites making it incredibly easy for visitors to pin the products they prefer.
  6. Learn your Audience
    Pinterest is an incredible place to learn what’s trending. From promoting fields like fashion, you can find what individuals love to share. You can take after your audience to perceive what motivates them. This gives you a chance to comprehend what’s hot today and utilize that data to position your own offers and items. It is estimated that Pinterest will, in the long run, make it simple to see what’s trending in particular classes.

Pinterest could change the way your online marketing campaigns are run, for the good! Follow these hints and tips to squeeze every last bit of advantageous marketing schemes from Pinterest to benefit your brand.

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