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Invest your dollars in formulating a social media strategy – Few worthy reasons

Invest your dollars in formulating a social media strategy – Few worthy reasons

Large number of companies and small businesses are now investing a considerable part of their marketing budget in formulating a social media campaign. As per Forrester Consulting, around 60% of the senior marketers believe that their companies require leveraging social media marketing to survive in the tough competition. In fact more than 74% of the marketing professionals think that their companies will get the required shove to move ahead of their competitors only if they used social media in a better manner.

However, it is pretty unfortunate to note that only 38% of those who were surveyed had embraced the social media as the key part of their marketing campaigns and 3 among 10 senior marketers informed that their companies had long term social media strategies. Let’s discuss about the few reasons behind adopting a social media plan or strategy.

  • The social web is growing indeed fast


As per the recent research on usage of social media, it shows that there are 2 main factors which drive social web, mobile and adoption of older users. People accessing the internet through their mobile have increased by 61% within the last 2 years. Moreover, it is seen that on Twitter and other social networking sites, the 5-64 age bracket is growing fast with 80% growth since 2014. Enhanced mobile connectivity has led to a soaring number of social activities ‘on the go’. Since people spend more time on social media, people are consuming more content than before.

  • Social media also influences buying decisions


If it is said that the previous era of social was engagement of audience and building of audience, the present era is entirely concentrating on personalization and commerce. All the biggest platforms have invested in marketing solutions to lure their target audience. Even the loan lending industry is based on the social media campaigns as the borrowers who are supposedly taking out payday loans UK will also search about the company on the social media. It is possible to create ads and campaigns, manage campaign assets and custom audience targeting.

  • Lacking a social media strategy will let your competitors move ahead of you


It’s not very common that you will find a company which doesn’t have any social media presence and gradually companies are incorporating well-defined strategies which align with business goals. A marketer who has got a clean strategy will also have a framework through which he can prioritise, plan, measure, execute and optimise. This definitely leads to better results as the activity has got direction even though it requires changing and evolving. Remember that investing in social presence without having a clean strategy won’t help you become successful. Your competitors will take advantage of your weakness and leave you behind.

  • Your customers are extremely active on social networking sites


Social, mobile and the technology have been amalgamated to offer environment where people can get access to, share and use information as per their convenience. All kinds of customers are active on social networking websites and hence if you don’t use the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you will never be able to work in cooperation with them. Getting earnest feedback will also become difficult when you don’t engage in the social media.

Therefore, regardless of the type of niche industry you belong to, make sure you engage in the social media. Formulate a social media campaign and follow the above mentioned reasons to invest in such a campaign.

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