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How Social is B2B?

Social media can be a bit of a mixed bag. Twitter was designed as a democratic platform so all users have 140 characters to voice their opinion. That sounds great. Yet, sometimes it feels like most people choose to angrily shout into the void rather...

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10 Incredible Visual Social Media Tools You Need!

Social media marketers these days understand the importance of visual stimulants in capturing an audience; and have therefore improved their marketing regiments on graphic based social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Studies have shown that marketing campaigns with images perform much better than...

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How does your brand benefit from Facebook?

Facebook is everyone’s go-to social media platform these days; and with good reason. What started off as a social network for college students, has now snowballed into the largest social media service in the world. Amassing over a billion active and happy users, 62% of...

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Top 10 Social Media Apps of 2017

Have ever had that moment when you can’t find the right screwdriver to unscrew that annoying little screw? You try repeatedly with the wrong size screw driver hoping it works; you even try using different tools like a knife. But eventually, only the right tool...

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Social Media Netiquette

Social Media is a monolith of an industry these days with people from across the globe accessing one or many social media platforms. This creates a network of users; diverse, opinionated, driven. Every single person on social media has his or her own personality and...

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#Brexit, #Respect, #YearofDragon. Hashtags are commonplace these days with millions of them scattered all over social media. They are used for entertainment, they are used for news, they are used for marketing; the #hashtag is truly a versatile and flexible tool in the social media...

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