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10 Incredible Visual Social Media Tools You Need!

Social media marketers these days understand the importance of visual stimulants in capturing an audience; and have therefore improved their marketing regiments on graphic based social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Studies have shown that marketing campaigns with images perform much better than campaigns without; imagery gets the most audience engagement and click through rates. The same rule applies on other leading social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter; visually appealing branding goes a long way. Analytics have showed that 65% of us are visual learners and to engage our interests, images work best.

With all these impressive statistics floating around, social media marketers must be inclined to use visual stimuli in their marketing campaigns, for the sake of their brand success rate. But maybe you don’t have the time or proper resources to put out the right content?

Well, no need to despair!

Here are 10 amazing visual social media tools you can use to save you time, effort and money!

  1. Tailwind
    Tailwind is one of the top visual social networking instruments out there. It began life as a Pinterest administration instrument, but, as of late, have also presented Instagram administration as well. One thing they have that other visual management tools need is above average analytics. You can utilize it to track how well your posts are performing and furthermore your follower development. They have an advanced arrangement that gives more definite bits of data, however it costs $799.99 contrasted with the basic account which tops out at $9.99. Pinterest clients will discover this instrument exceptionally efficient as after you post your pin it proposes more pins to post.
  2. PromoRepublic
    PromoRepublic is an online visual advertising instrument. You can utilize it to make pictures, present them on social platforms and track results. They present ideas for posts for 50+ enterprises and 3,500+ formats that make it simple to make pictures immediately with their simplified realistic editorial manager. You can adjust these pictures any way you need as they allow you to access different background photographs, text styles, shapes, banners and symbols. After you make your pictures you can immediately plant them on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It additionally coordinates with Hootsuite, Buffer and HubSpot. Your scheduled pictures can be seen on a content logbook. The schedule likewise shows up and coming occasions so you can make relevant graphics. How your photos are being received online can be followed with point by point investigation.
  3. ViralTag
    In case you prefer a visual social media tool that lets you post to various social media platforms and not just the leading ones, then ViralTag is perfect for you.
    ViralTag coordinates with other image sharing networks like Canva, Dropbox and Google Drive to make uploads and sharing easier on you. The “post recycle” feature enables the app to repost a certain picture at regular time intervals without your involvement.
  4. Cyfe
    Cyfe monitors your visual based social media analytics, all in one platform! This means it makes it easier for you to monitor your analytics from various social media networks like Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo and YouTube. The time saved by not logging in and out constantly is made up when conducting social media audits.
    Compared to other social media analytics tools, Cyfe is incredibly cheap, coming in at only $19 per month as opposed to the $100 price tag of other tools.
  5. BoardBooster
    BoardBooster is a great tool if Pinterest is one of your social media outlets. Its unique design allows it to monitor group boards of multiple users. Group boards help improve audience engagement by helping you gain pins and followers.
  6. Iconosquare
    Iconosquare lets you deal with all your Instagram accounts in one platform. You can utilize it to schedule posts, monitor feeds of clients and specific hashtags. You can likewise utilize it to keep an eye on and react to comments. Iconosquare helps you by providing top notch analytics to monitor follower development and to break down engagement. You will have the ability to review what sorts of photographs, channels and hashtags are getting you the most likes and engagement. It will even help you identify the best time to post. You can likewise review your rivals with Iconosquare.
  7. Visme
    The end goal, in the journey to take advantage of visual social media marketing is knowing how to make shareable pictures without anyone else’s input. You can simply contract a graphic designer to give you a hand, however it can wind up costing a considerable measure of cash. One approach to figure out how to make visuals is by putting resources into costly programming like Photoshop or Illustrator and investing hours figuring out how to utilize them, or you can in a split second start outlining excellent pictures by utilizing a device like Visme. It gives you access to a large number of formats and resources that make it simple for you to configure pictures. You can likewise utilize it to make introductions, infographics and reports as you can work with diagram and infographic gadgets.
  8. Stencil
    Stencil is another device that makes it simple to plan visuals. Within the application, you have various utilities including 860,000+ background pictures. You can include whatever content or potential representation to these and specifically share them via social networking media. They have 200,000+ illustrations and icons. On the off chance that you like sharing quotes via social media you can exploit their ready made quotes feature. It will spare you a considerable amount of time. They additionally have a program augmentation that makes it simple to right away transfer any picture from a website page, alter it and post it.
  9. Canva
    If you incline toward a free visual plan rather than the above, then Canva would be ideal for you. The above mentioned two devices likewise have free forms, yet their elements are exceptionally constrained. Canva’s free form will help you do significantly more. You just need to pay $1 a picture for premium formats. They let you use more than 8,000 layouts. You can also plan infographics with Canva.
  10. Unsplash
    Rather than purchasing large amounts of picture packs, you can utilize Unsplash’s free membership benefits. It sends you 10 new pictures each day. All are high caliber and they’re released under CC0 which means you can work with them anyway you need, no copyrights.

Use these 10 visual social media tools to make sure your content reaches the right audience without fail!

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